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the history of Thomas Consulting Services

Thomas Consulting Services founders recognized the need to bring globally experienced management, development and design teams together at a value and price point that mid-tier companies require and so TCS-Guidewire was born.


TCS - Guidewire formed a strategic partnership with Newdream Data Systems in 2010, allowing TCS - Guidewire to provide mid-tier insurance providers access to the benefits of an onshore / offshore delivery model previously afforded to only the largest providers using a Big Five solution integrator.


TCS - Guidewire is a results-driven information systems firm with the ability to successfully staff experienced Guidewire developers, Business Analysts and Quality Assurance practitioners to your new or existing project.  Additionally, TCS - Guidewire can provide experienced and industry leading solution delivery teams capable of leading a single Guidewire team or an an entire Guidewire Program.


TCS - Guidewire founders also recognized that Guidewire projects do not exist in a bubble.  Electronic Content Management, Document & Forms Management, Reporting, as well as integrations to multiple 3rd parties all must be managed to ensure a successful implementation.  In addition to BillingCenter, ClaimCenter, and PolicyCenter, TCS - Guidewire can provide development expertise and advisory services for all of the "non-Guidewire" aspects of your Guidewire program. 


TCS - Guidewire covers full life-cycle application development, integration, data strategy, IT architecture and end-to-end implementations. Whether your budget is $10,000, $10 million or $100 million, TCS - Guidewire has a proven track record using multiple technologies to enable client success; achieving both your tactical and strategic goals.


TCS-Guidewire is now the premier provider of Guidewire related services. See "Why TCS", to understand our "Why" and experience The TCS Advantage.


why thomas consulting services

 TCS-Guidewire's approach was not inspired by a Sales Team unfamiliar with our industry.  Rather, TCS-Guidewire was inspired by actual Program Managers, project managers, designers and developers who deal with Guidewire delivery every day.  TCS knows the challenges faced by those responsible for delivery and we've designed our approach and practices to specifically address frustrations commonly found with traditional vendors.

Traditional Vendor

Inexperienced resources, having limited formal Guidewire training. No vendor commitment to resources.

TCS Advantage

TCS-Guidewire resources have real world project experience and formal Guidewire training. New TCS resources spend time through a Guidewire apprenticeship prior to taking on billable work.

Guidewire Experience Engine

Traditional Vendor

LIttle to no commitment to resources having identified resources through an internet search.  Resume's may be "augmented" or interviews may be performed by expert only to have a novice show up. Thrid party recruiters further cloud the process.

TCS Advantage

At TCS-Guidewire, we have a commitment and relationship with our resources. Our resources have experience with TCS and we in invested in a individual's training and career advancement.  During interviews, we give you a CV with picture and conduct interviews from our offices,


Traditional Vendor

No offshore presence with experienced resources. Only novice resources available to the mid-tier providers.  Once a resource gains experience, they are moved to a higher margin account.

TCS Advantage

Wtih TCS's onshore / offshore model we provice experienced offshore resources typically reserved for top national providers. Since our sweet spot are the mid-tier providers, TCS will not shift a resource simply to gain additional margin.

Offshore delivery

Traditional Vendor

Weekly status reports focus on what each resource did trying to prove that resources were working hard. Meetings with your vendor rep focus selling additional services.

TCS Advantage

TCS is focused on delivery and value, not simply are resources working hard.  Status reports will focus on contributions made to the overall project and the status of the overall project. Vendor meetings focus on issue resolution and maximizing value.

Status Meetings

Traditional Vendor

Most invoices are cryptic and difficult to trace work performed by an individual.  Hours are summarized across multiple resources making it difficult to match invoices against time tracking software.

TCS Advantage

Each TCS resource, their hours, and project are clearly listed on each TCS invoice.  Each name on a Statement of Work exactly corresponds to a name on the invoice.



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