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TCS-Advisor Services

With a Staff Augmentation model, TCS-Guidewire works as a member of your team with you maintaining control of the overall program leadership and project managaement.

TCS-Guidewire Staff Augmentation services can provide BillingCenter, ClaimCenter, PolicyCenter or full Insurance Suite expertise.  In addition to development resources, TCS-Guidewire Staff Augmentation services can provide Business Analysis, Project Management and QA services.

Typical Staff Augmentations scenarios have one or more onshore or offshore resouces supported by one or more offshore resources.

With a Solution Delivery model, TCS-Guidewire is responsible for the outcome by providing start-to-finish delivery of your BillingCenter, ClaimCenter, PolicyCenter, or Guidewire Full Suite implementation.  Whether delivering for a small team or an entire program, TCS-Guidewire can provide Project Management, Business Analysis, Development and QA expertise to your new or existing Guidewire implementation.

Solution Delivery models can include only TCS resources or may include a mixture of TCS, Third Party resources and client resources.


Typical Solution Delivery models include both onshore and offshore resources along with one or more offshore support resources.

With over 25 years of industry experience, Thomas Consulting Services can provide an objective source of information on your insurance endeavors through evaluation and coaching.

Our Independent Review can:

  • Validate a Cost Estimate

  • Provide Scope & Schedule validation

  • Suggest Questions to ask of your Solution Integrator

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Soluton Delivey
Staff Augmentaton

Let TCS-Guidewire design a delivery model that is right for your budget and risk tolerance.  All delivery models are optimized for an onshore / offshore delivery model, including offshore support resources at no cost.

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