staff augmentation  

Need to add additional resources to your Guidewire delivery, but don't want the added head count?  TCS-Guidewire can supply expert short or long term resources to supplement your Guidewire delivery team

production support

TCS-Guidewire provides multiple models of prodution support from traditional production defect resolution,  to "mid-release" production support, to defect resolution during new application development.

production support & defect resolution

TCS-Guidewire provides one or more expert onshore and/or offshore resources, focusing on the resolution of defects found in your production environment  - allowing your staff to focus on more value added tasks such as new application development. 

Our Offshore Delivery Center can also work to resolve defects overnight - allowing for faster defect turnaround.


"mid-release" production support

Many large projects take a staggered deployment approach. Releasing a subset of features into production prior to full production release.  It's this "mid-release" time that can be frustrating - having to support a production implementation while new application development needs to continue.  Let TCS-Guidewire provide production support while your development staff focuses on the new development.

new development defect resolution 

TCS-Guidewire can resolve the defects that are discovered by your QA department while new development progresses.  This approach allows your development staff to remain focused on new development while TCS-Guidewire manages the defects.

development support

Need to "beef up" your current development staff?  TCS-Guidewire can provide expert Guidewire resources to fill in the gaps of your existing development team.


new application development

Whether you need Guidewire PolicyCenter, ClaimCenter, BillingCenter expert resources, TCS-Guidewire has you covered.  Our resources have the experience to be productive the minute they're on board.  

integration  & services development

Guidewire projects don't happen in a bubble.  A typical Guidewire implementation can interface with a dozen or more 3rd party applications. At TCS-Guidewire, we don't just specialize in core Guidewire, we have experience in nearly anything that touches guidewire.

Click here to see a sample of the applicaitons we've integrated with Guidewire.